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posted:21st Aug 2015
Short Summer Hiatus

We're having a short summer shutdown this year.

The website will remain up and running, and we will still take orders as usual. Note, however, that we won't be processing orders (in any way - not even order confirmation emails) until Wednesday 2nd September.

See you in September!

posted:10th July 2013
XMega USB boards back in stock

Thank you for you patience again.

posted:26th June 2013
Good News, Bad News, Good News...

Good News  :o) Loads more of the USB XMega PDI boards are on order - we're even having them couriered here for speed!

Bad News  :o( We've run out of Batsocks stickers. Sorry if you've ordered recently and have missed out.

Good News  :o) We're putting the new version of the vanilla XMega board (with tiny coin-cell holder) on sale soon. (honestly! we've taken photos and everything...)

posted:6th January 2013
Tweeting TellyMate!

David Watts wrote to us recently, letting us know about a video he'd made about a TellyMate Shield project... It's fantastic. So with no more ado...

David's got a few more excellent Arduino project videos posted on youtube. They're well worth a watch.

posted:26th August 2012
Custom Boot Intro for Xbox (and other consoles)

We love to hear what our customers have done with their Batsocks stuff.
Jon Wilson told us about his project which uses a TellyMate Tiny:

I created a custom boot intro for my xbox arcade cabinet to replace the default Microsoft flubber animation.
I think this makes for a more authentic arcade experience and with a little effort the intro can be customised to match the theme of the arcade cabinet.
The video below shows an example of the boot intro compared to the default Microsoft flubber.
My custom intro shows a CoinOPS logo immediately when the machine is powered on. A progress bar works its way across the screen and sampled sound which speaks "Welcome to CoinOPS".

Development was done using Arduino Pro Mini, a TellyMate Tiny and 5V relays.
It's quite a simple circuit to build.


Jon's got a full write up of the Custom Boot Intro project on his website, Degenatrons Projects.

We'll be putting this project onto the TellyMate Examples page fairly soon.

posted:8th August 2012

We’ve just had a bunch of small (2cm) vinyl stickers made up.

batsocks vinyl sticker

We were going to stick them onto the packages we send out as some form of corporate branding (we dream big; sadly we’re not yet large enough to have fancy red boxes)
However, we’ve changed tack. We thought that you’d rather decide where to stick them!

So... We’ll be including a sticker with every order placed (until we run out).

(Don’t forget that the bat is upside down. It’s asleep. Shh.)

posted:3rd July 2012
XMega128A4U chips!

A great post on AVRFreaks alerted us to the fact that XMega128A4U's had been spotted in the wild!

We think that they're a lovely step-up from the XMega32A4s, so we've added them to our BreadMate XMega Development boards lineup.

They complement the Audio/Visual (AV) variant of the boards particularly well, as the 8kb SRAM allows higher resolution video output:

posted:24th June 2012
AV board added to XMega BreadMate range

We're pleased to announce the addition of an Audio/Visual (AV) board to our popular range of XMega breadboard-friendly adapters.

We've taken the USB-powered version and have managed to squeeze on a 3.5mm jack socket and associated components, which allows simple audio or video output from an XMega32A4U. Example code is available to download from our XMega examples page.

We've also (finally) updated the whole XMega BreadMate range to be Open Source Hardware (OSHW) (<-- see the nifty little logos on the quick-links).

posted:23rd May 2012
XMega PDI USB board goes Open Source...

We've just done a mild update to our USB XMega PDI board, and have taken this opportunity to release it as Open Source Hardware.

Changes we've made:

  • Larger pads around the headers
  • Space for a through-hole HC-49 crystal
  • Space for a power indication LED
  • OSHW logo!

Details of the license (CC-BY-SA) and all the design files are available for download on the product page.

Hopefully, we'll be releasing more of our stuff under OSHW in the future (if we ever get time!)

posted:30th April 2012
Postage and Packing

Royal Mail have just increased their prices across the board, and the small parcels that we send out have been hit the hardest (60%+ increases).
Unfortunately, this means we have had to increase our P & P prices.


posted:13th Feb 2012
New 'New!' tags on quicklinks

This is just a quick note to say we've added a couple of 'New!' suffixes on the Quick-links section (look at the left-hand side of your screen!)
They're there because we've recently released a couple of new product variants:

That's a USB variant of the XMega PDI board (powered from the onboard micro-USB header) and a new TellyMate variant - the diminutive TellyMate Tiny.

If you look at those product pages, you might also notice that we've now got higher-resolution pictures available.

<-- Go-on... try the Quick-links...

posted:21st Dec 2011
New Information page: AVR PDI Header Pinouts
posted:26th October 2011
Breadboard friendly XMegas - Available Now!

We're pleased to announce a new addition to our BreadMate range; the BreadMate XMega PDI.

This really simple board allows you to use the XMega32A4 on a breadboard.
A pre-soldered XMega gives you 32 pins of I/O to play with and an onboard PDI header means they're easy to program.

posted:26th October 2011
Blinky lights - they're back!

The BreadMate 8-LED boards are back, this time with professionally made PCBs.

These tiny diagnostic boards have 8 pins, each with an LED.
We use them all the time - just plug them into a breadboard or arduino header. They're designed for 5v, but will work on 3v too (just a little less bright).