Things you can buy from Batsocks:


An open-source, breadboard-friendly, DIL format, USB XMega A4 board

Micro-USB powered XMega breadboarding
  • PDI Header onboard
  • XMega128A4U pre-soldered
  • new! USB bootloader pre-installed
  • All I/O pins available
  • Fits standard 0.1" breadboards
  • 21mm x 46mm
  • with XMega128A4U: £15.00 
    not available

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TellyMate Tiny TTL

A Tiny 5v TTL Serial to TV adapter

A simple 'TV Out' module
  • PAL or NTSC Composite Video
  • 38x25 characters
  • 5v TTL Serial input/output
  • Black and White
  • 300 to 57k6 baud (8n1)
  • Optional Autobauding
  • VT52 + H19 control codes
  • Just 19mm x 21mm
  • Price: £14.00 

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New, updated Version!TellyMate Shield

  • TV output from your Arduino
  • PAL or NTSC Composite Video
  • Stackable Shield
  • works with Serial.println() etc.
  • 38x25 characters
  • Black and White
  • Simple Graphics
  • Double width / height text
  • Simple control codes
  • Price: £17.00 
    not available

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available now!BatSnap Kit

An infra-red remote control and intervalometer for various cameras.

  • Solder at home, simple through-hole components
  • Infra-red remote shutter control
  • Simple to use intervalometer for time-lapse films
  • Works with many Nikon, Canon and Pentax digital SLR cameras
  • Over 250,000 shots from one battery
  • Includes battery and translucent blue case
  • Price: £12.50 

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Available again!LED 8

These boards simply provide 8 LEDs connected to 8 pins (a flying lead provides ground).

8 glorious surface-mount LEDs.
  • 8 LEDs
  • less than one inch long
  • only 8 i/o pins used
  • Use for port diagnostics
  • get one board of each colour!
  • 0.7" by 0.9" (18mm by 23mm)

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