New, updated Version!TellyMate Shield

  • TV output from your Arduino
  • PAL or NTSC Composite Video
  • Stackable Shield
  • works with Serial.println() etc.
  • 38x25 characters
  • Black and White
  • Simple Graphics
  • Double width / height text
  • Simple control codes
  • Price: £17.00 
    not available

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TV out from your Arduino.

This shield has the same core circuit as the standard TellyMate, but re-arranged as an Arduino Shield. It listens to the Arduino's TX pin (Digital pin 1). Just plug it into your Arduino and use Serial.println() commands to output text onto your telly!

It's really simple to use... Here's some code to display "Hello!" on the TV;

	Serial.begin(57600); //57k6 baud

Further demonstrations (including screenshots), are available from the 'examples' page.

The TellyMate Shield is stackable. Care has been taken to ensure that no components extend beyond the female headers on the top of the board, meaning that other shields can be connected above. In particular, the bulky phono socket on the original circuit has been replaced by a 3.5mm jack socket (a suitable cable is included).

An extension reset button is provided to duplicate the (covered) reset button on the underlying Arduino.

The TellyMate Shield is now supplied with a Mega328 chip onboard, meaning...





The original 'jumpers' based configuration of the TellyMate Shield has been replaced by a set of DIL switches. These switches control the serial baud rate, output format etc.

See the 'Jumpers' page of the User Guide for more details.


The default character set is Code Page 437. It provides the basic alphanumeric characters as well as simple graphics capabilities.

Sending normal text using a Serial.println() command (or similar) will simply print the string onto the TV's screen, but there are certain control sequences that allow you to have more flexibility such as moving the cursor, selecting graphics characters, turning off/on the output etc.

These control sequences are a mixture of the standard VT52 and H19 (heathkit/zenith 19) control sequences (it's simpler than it sounds!). Details of these are given on the 'Control Sequences' page of the User Guide

Source Material

The underlying schematic and source code for the TellyMate Shield is identical to the original TellyMate.
The Source Material for the TellyMate is released under a simple FreeBSD-style licence. See the code in the 'Files' section of the original TellyMate for details.

Please feel free to make your own version (that's the point of making the source materials available!), but do not use the TellyMate trademark without an explicit license. See the 'About Us' page for details.

Buying the TellyMate Shield

The TellyMate Shield is supplied all ready to plug into your Arduino development system. No soldering is neccesary.


Please contact us for our volume pricing / availability (10+ units).



Parts with a TMS002 prefix:

Part# Description price
TMS002WX TellyMate Shield (1.2) £17.00
not available



Title Version Date File Size
ReadFont 2.0 2012-08-12  tms_readfont_002.ino 5.3 kB
Still Alive 3.0 2012-02-21  tms_StillAlive_003.ino 105.7 kB
Maze 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_maze_002.ino 24.6 kB
Random Characters 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_random_002.ino 1.3 kB
Batsocks Paint 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_paint_002.ino 8.3 kB
ReadTest 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_readtest_002.ino 3.4 kB
Wanderers 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_wanderers_002.ino 6.4 kB
Program Fontbank 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_program_fontbank_002.ino 14.6 kB
Scribble 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_scribble_002.ino 6.3 kB
Life 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_life_002.ino 9.5 kB
Lavawave 2.0 2012-02-18  tms_lavawave_002.ino 6.7 kB
Lavawave 1.0 2011-03-04  tms_lavawave_001.pde 6.6 kB
Still Alive 2.0 2010-11-21  tms_StillAlive_002.pde 105.4 kB
Still Alive 1.0 2010-10-26  tms_StillAlive_001.pde 59.3 kB
ReadFont 1.0 2010-03-09  tms_readfont_001.pde 5.0 kB
Hello World 2.0 2009-11-08  tms_hello_002.pde 194 Bytes
Scribble 1.0 2009-09-20  tms_scribble_001.pde 6.1 kB
Life 1.0 2009-09-20  tms_life_001.pde 9.8 kB
Program Fontbank 1.0 2009-09-04  tms_program_fontbank_001.pde 14.6 kB
Maze 1.0 2009-07-09  tms_maze_001.pde 25.2 kB
ReadTest 1.0 2009-06-16  tms_readtest_001.pde 3.1 kB
Wanderers 1.0 2009-06-16  tms_wanderers_001.pde 6.1 kB
Batsocks Paint 1.0 2009-06-08  tms_paint_001.pde 8.0 kB
Random Characters 1.0 2009-05-15  tms_random_001.pde 1.2 kB


Title Version Date File Size
Fontbank PDF - Code Page 437 1.0 2011-11-17 (PDF file) Fontbank0.pdf 262.9 kB
Fontbank PDF - Pixel Patterns 1.0 2011-11-17 (PDF file) Fontbank1.pdf 256.7 kB
Fontbank PDF - Games 1.0 2011-11-17 (PDF file) Fontbank2.pdf 281.5 kB
Fontbank PDF - GUI 1.0 2011-11-17 (PDF file) Fontbank3.pdf 271.7 kB
Fontbank data - Code Page 437 1.0 2009-09-04 (.c file) fontbank0.c 11.1 kB
Fontbank data - Pixel Patterns 1.0 2009-09-04 (.c file) fontbank1.c 11.0 kB
Fontbank data - Games 1.0 2009-09-04 (.c file) fontbank2.c 11.2 kB
Fontbank data - GUI 1.0 2009-09-04 (.c file) fontbank3.c 11.1 kB