About Batsocks

We design, make, assemble and sell simple circuit boards.

Circuit boards

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When Batsocks first started up, we used to make PCBs at home, in our garage, using 'home-brew' equipment. We'd mess around with toner-transfer and UV-sensitive copper-clad boards. We'd revel in the strange smells and odd stains that made their way around the house. Nothing could entertain us more than arranging for a home-made CNC machine to drill arrays of holes...
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Time, quality, cost and consistency now dictate that our PCBs are professionally made externally. We use a range of suppliers including iTead, DorkbotPDX, Techbridge Circuits and PCBCart.

Nothing we do could be considered RoHS compliant.

All our circuits are intended for development systems. They come with no official certifications of any kind.

The Batsocks Website

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We are not VAT registered.

Contact Us

You can email us @batsocks.co.uk using the following accounts;

We'd be happy to hear from you.


Despatch Timescales

Our aim is to despatch all orders within 3 working days. We are, however, a small team with limited stock levels, so at times of high demand this may rise to 5 working days. We will let you know if your order will take longer than this.

Postage and Packaging

For UK orders, Royal Mail First Class mail is used (1-2 days).

For overseas orders, Royal Mail Airmail (Small Packets) is used. This uses AirMail to deliver the parcel to your local post service for onward delivery. Royal Mail give the following timescales for arrival with your post service - Europe: 4 days, Rest of the world: 5 days.

For overseas orders, please allow additional time to allow the local postal service to deliver. In particular, the above figures do not take into account (sometimes highly variable) delays due to local customs or import bureaucracy.

Postage and Packing charges are based on the total value of your order as follows.

Order Value Additional cost of Post and Packing
up to £20.00 £3.50
£20.01 up to £35.00 £4.00
£35.01 up to £74.99 £5.00
£75.00 and above free

The PayPal shopping basket should add these charges on automatically.


We're not large enough to have an official distributor program, but we do have a wholesale price list, and can supply logos, pictures etc. for you to use.

If you'd like to sell Batsocks products, contact us!

Privacy Statement

We will not sell (or rent or loan or any other weasly variant) any information we collect to anyone else.

One day, we might get organised enough to start sending out periodic or occasional emails. If and when this happens, our email list will be 'opt-in'. If you ever get a (bulk) email from us, it will be because you have ordered something (and the email is directly to do with that order), or if you have opted-in.

All defaults will be "don't annoy customers".

Our shopping basket is provided by PayPal. You will need to check their website to ensure that you agree with their privacy policy, terms, conditions etc.

Because we use the PayPal basket, we only get to see your money, not your financial details. We like it that way.


All content of this website is copyright Nigel Batten except where stated otherwise.

Don't copy our stuff unless you're allowed to by law, or we explicitly license you to do so (which we do in lots of cases).

We really want the sample/example code to be useful to you, so each lump of code comes with details of how we license its use (it's very simple - honest!).

We are (we hope!) rather friendly, so please contact us if you'd like to use some of our stuff in a way that isn't covered above.


"Batsocks", the Batsocks Logo, "TellyMate" and "SweeperMeter" are trademarks owned by Nigel Batten. "BatSnap" is a trademark owned by Keith Batten. They should not be used without an explicit licence.

If you are making your own version of the TellyMate or SweeperMeter and would like official approval of your product (i.e. you'd like to use our trademarks in the name), please contact us to discuss licensing. Doing this would also give you early access to any product updates and improvements that come up as part of our products' continual development.

Terms and Conditions

We are human. We make mistaks.

Your use of any information on this website is at your own risk. It is your own responsibility to ensure that any information, goods or services available are suitable for your needs.

If a pricing error is found in an order, we reserve the right to either cancel the order or to contact you to arrange payment/return of over/under payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order (obviously returning any payments) prior to its shipment.