available now!BatSnap Kit

An infra-red remote control and intervalometer for various cameras.

  • Solder at home, simple through-hole components
  • Infra-red remote shutter control
  • Simple to use intervalometer for time-lapse films
  • Works with many Nikon, Canon and Pentax digital SLR cameras
  • Over 250,000 shots from one battery
  • Includes battery and translucent blue case
  • Price: £12.50 

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This ready-to-solder kit makes an infra-red remote shutter release suitable for use with many digital SLR cameras. It’s also easy to set an interval so repeated pictures are taken at a regular interval - time-lapse.

It sends shutter release codes compatible with the following infra-red camera remote controls:

The translucent blue case has ready-machined holes for the power switch, the IR LED and the all-important “take a picture!” button. There’s also a red indicator LED that’s visible through the box, to let you know when a signal is sent (or in the case of longer intervals, a countdown to the signal too).

The battery is a standard CR2032 3v non-rechargable lithium battery. It’s capable of taking more than 250,000 pictures. It works to at least 8 metres in most conditions, and with more careful aiming has been used to around 11 metres.

Example time-lapse video


Home Soldering

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BSN001WW BatSnap Kit (for home soldering) £12.50