AVR ISP Header Pinouts

There are 6-pin and 10-pin versions. The pinouts are as follows;

AVR ISP header, 6 pin, plan view pinout

6-way header

AVR ISP header, 10 pin, plan view pinout

10-way header

For those that are struggling with which way is up (it's one of those things that once you know, you never question again), pretend that the diagrams above are plan-view photographs, and the pins are coming out of the screen towards you. You'd connect a cable by pushing it on towards the screen.

The following photographs might be useful;

annoatated 10 pin header pinout, plan view

plan view of a simple header

annotated 10 pin right-angled boxed header pinout

a fancy boxed header

boxed header with IDC socket inserted

with a ribbon cable

boxed header with IDC socket inserted

with a different lead