Available again!BreadMate LED 8

These boards simply provide 8 LEDs connected to 8 pins (a flying lead provides ground).

8 glorious surface-mount LEDs.
  • 8 LEDs
  • less than one inch long
  • only 8 i/o pins used
  • Use for port diagnostics
  • get one board of each colour!
  • 0.7" by 0.9" (18mm by 23mm)

More pictures...

Circuits dont get a great deal simpler than this!

Each pin controls a single LED. When the pin is set to output a 'high', the LED will light.

The on-board current-limiting-resistors are suitable for 5v supplies, but all except the white model will work at reduced-brightness on 3v (The white LEDs need more than 3v to light sensibly).

Sample code that demonstrates all 8 LEDs is available from the link below or on the downloads page.

Note: These were previously available with an option of 'right-angled pins' pins. The vast majority of people just want the plain 'straight pins' option, so we've dropped that option.
If you really, really want right-angled pins (or even no pins at all), just order the normal 'straight pins' version and drop us an email at the same time - we'll sort it out for you.

The following versions are available;

version voltage comments
Red 5v/3v slightly dimmer at 3v
Yellow 5v/3v slightly dimmer at 3v
Green 5v/3v slightly dimmer at 3v
White 5v will be very dim at 3v


Parts with a BML0008 prefix:

Part# Description price
BML0008SR red, straight pins £3.50
not available
BML0008SY yellow, straight pins £3.50
not available
BML0008SG green, straight pins £3.50
not available
BML0008SW white, straight pins £4.00
not available


circuit schematics

Version Date File Size
1.1 2008-09-16 (PDF file) sch_bm_led_8_11.pdf 18.1 kB

example code

Version Date File Size
1.0 2008-10-10 (.c file) code_bm_led_8_10.c 2.4 kB