DiscontinuedTellyMate TTL Kit

A 5v TTL Serial to TV adapter

A simple 'TV Out' module
  • PAL or NTSC Composite Video
  • 38x25 characters
  • 5v TTL Serial input/output
  • Black and White
  • 300 to 57k6 baud (8n1)
  • Optional Autobauding
  • Simple Graphics
  • Double width / height text
  • VT52 + H19 control codes
  • Price: £10.50 

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This ready-to-solder kit takes 5v TTL serial data and displays it on your TV. It is primarily designed to allow 5v microcontrollers to output text to a TV.
It will straddle an Arduino (with appropriate header pins soldered to the underside), but we wouldn't call it a 'shield'!



Home Soldering

This product is a kit containing:

You will need to provide the following:

Note: Unlike the earlier TellyMate Kit (now discontinued), this TTL Kit does not include circuitry to translate RS232 signal levels. If you need RS232 to TTL conversion, many adapters are available (try searching SparkFun or eBay for 'RS232 TTL').


Parts with a TMT001 prefix:

Part# Description price
TMT001WW TellyMate TTL Kit (for home soldering) £10.50