DiscontinuedBreadMate Vanilla XMega PDI

A breadboard-friendly DIL format board for A4 XMegas

Fuss-free XMega breadboarding
  • All I/O pins available
  • PDI Header onboard
  • Fits standard 0.1" breadboards
  • XMega32A4 pre-soldered
  • Decoupling capacitors pre-soldered
  • Allows simple prototyping
  • 21mm x 46mm
  • Coin-cell clip included (CR1220)
  • With XMega32A4U: £10.50 
  • With XMega128A4U: £12.00 

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This is our simplest XMega board. It just plugs straight into a breadboard.

All the I/O pins of the XMegaA4 are brought out to clearly labelled pins. Port pins are kept together, so if you need all the pins on a port - they're next to each other.

This board has an XMega32A4, some decoupling caps, a reset pull-up resistor, a PDI header and a CR1220 coin cell holder.
It's very easy to use - just supply power through the bread-board pins, or from a coin-cell battery (not included).


Open-Source Hardware

Creative Commons Licence

Creative Commons Licence

The BreadMate Vanilla XMega PDI board is an Open-Source Hardware project released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Hardware design (schematics and board) are available below.





You will need to supply the following:


Getting started

Solder the header pins on. Plug into your breadboard. Supply power. Connect you programmer. Go!

We've got a page with some XMega examples, which might be useful.


Technical stuff

Pads for a standard HC49/US crystal and load caps (PTH) are onboard
Pads for a watch-crystal are onboard.
SJ1 (default: connected) connects Vcc to AVcc.

Remember that XMegas are lower voltage than their predecessors! 3.6v maximum Vcc.


Upgrade Notes:

We are now using the U variants of the XMegaA4s in the Vanilla boards. These are a more recent version of the silicon and are binary compatible with the non-U variants. For more information, see Atmel's Application Note AVR1021.

Version 2.0 of the board has swapped the location of the AVcc/Vcc and Gnd/Reset pins so they match our other A4 boards.

Release History

Board v2
Coin-cell release
added: CR1220 coin-cell holder
change:Rst/Gnd and AVcc/Vcc location swapped
change:PTH holes for HC49 crystal and caps
added:PTH holes for watch crystal

Board v1(a)
Open-source release


Part# Description price
BMP001X4 Vanilla BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega32A4) £10.50
BMP001XF Vanilla BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega128A4U) £12.00


circuit schematics

Version Date File Size
2.0 2013-07-02 (PDF file) sch_bm_pdi_x4_20.pdf 66.8 kB
1.0a 2012-06-15 (PDF file) sch_bm_pdi_x4_10a.pdf 54.9 kB
1.0 2011-10-23 (PDF file) sch_bm_pdi_x4_10.pdf 37.9 kB


Version Date File Size
2.0 2013-07-02 (PDF file) board_bm_pdi_x4_20.pdf 72.5 kB
1.0a 2012-06-15 (PDF file) board_bm_pdi_x4_10a.pdf 74.1 kB

eagle files

Version Date File Size
2.0 2013-07-02 (ZIP archive) bm_pdi_x4_20_eagle.zip 39.1 kB
1.0a 2012-06-15 (ZIP archive) bm_pdi_x4_10a_eagle.zip 28.4 kB