BreadMate XMega PDI boards

A trio of breadboard-friendly DIL format boards for Atmel XMega A4 microcontrollers

Fuss-free XMega breadboarding
  • Three versions
  • PDI Header onboard
  • Fits standard 0.1" breadboards
  • XMega pre-soldered
  • decoupling capacitors pre-soldered
  • Version Chip
    Vanilla XMega32A4 £10.50 
    USB XMega32A4 £13.00 
    USB XMega128A4 £15.00 
    not available
    AV XMega32A4 £17.00 
    AV XMega128A4 £19.00 

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These simple boards bring all the I/O pins of the XMegaA4s out to your breadboard. Decoupling caps, a reset pullup and a PDI header are on all models.

There are three versions available (click on the pictures / links below for more details and documentation):

BreadMate Vanilla XMega PDI
This is the simplest version. It's essentially an XMega32A4, decoupling caps and a PDI header. Power is supplied by the Vcc/Gnd pins and could easily be run from a couple of AA batteries.
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BreadMate USB XMega PDI
This is a more advanced version that uses the U suffixed variant of the chips and is powered by a Micro-USB socket.
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BreadMate AV XMega PDI
This is similar to the USB variant, but enhanced with by the addition of a 16Mhz crystal and a 3.5mm socket for Audio/Video output.
A 3.5mm jack <-> RCA/Phono cable suitable for video output is included.
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We think that these boards beat using generic TQFP adapters for the following reasons:


We've got a page with some XMega examples, which might be useful.


Parts with a BMP001 prefix:

Part# Description price
BMP001X4 Vanilla BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega32A4) £10.50
BMP001XF Vanilla BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega128A4U) £12.00
BMP001U4 USB BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega32A4U) £13.00
BMP001UF USB BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega128A4U) £15.00
not available
BMP001AV AV BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega32A4U) £17.00
BMP001AF AV BreadMate XMega PDI adapter (XMega128A4U) £19.00